Just said NO to driving!

A couple of years ago I decided to significantly cut my driving by moving close to work and walking every day. I have planned nearly all of my activities around non-driving, e.g. nearby doctor, dentist, stores, etc — almost all within a mile or two of my home.

You have to overcome the mindset of automatically leaving the house and getting in the car, especially in bad/cold weather. Once you do this you will find that you really don’t think about the car very much. Layering your clothing is all that is needed for any kind of weather condition.

Starting out, I thought of it as an adventure — survival against the elements — and found that I look forward to my commute every day because it’s exciting and different.

Wear a pedometer and watch as you rack up the miles. Life is much simpler (and a lot less expensive) when you don’t have to spend time feeding and caring for a car!

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Posted: 05/16/08 | Category: Stories from residents | 

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