How can you save on gas?

In addition to riding the bus, biking, walking, carpooling, telecommuting, and combining trips, consider the following actions:

  • If your family has more than one vehicle, the person driving the furthest should drive the more fuel-efficient vehicle.
  • Rid your car of unnecessary weight: every extra 100 lbs loses 1% fuel efficiency.
  • Plan the route that prevents idling in traffic: up to 1/3 of your fuel can be wasted in idling.
  • Slow down!  55mph saves 20-30% in cost over 75mph!
  • Anticipate stops and slowdowns. Decelerate steadily to save gas.
  • When appropriate, drive between 45-55mph, the most fuel-efficient range.
  • Don't idle! Turn your engine off at railroad crossings, or whenever you stop for a minute or two. After 10 seconds, it is more fuel-efficient to stop the engine and start it up again than to keep it running.
  • Consider getting an electric bicycle. You can plug it in at night, and can carry heavy loads easily uphill, including lumber, hardware, and even an extra person.

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