Curb Your Car Week

For at least one day during the week of May 18-24, 2008, walk, bike or ride the bus to work, the grocery store, exercise class, piano lesson, or anywhere.

“Way to Go” is a nationwide program encouraging the use of cheaper, healthier, and more earth-friendly transportation alternatives. During the week of May 18-24, 2008, if you normally use an automobile for daily transportation, please consider walking, biking, car pooling, or riding the bus as alternatives.

Ride a bike

  • Save 2-4 gallons of gas on your 10-20 mile daily commute; that’s enough to treat yourself to a great lunch!
  • Get in shape for free and put that gym time to better use.
  • Some routes are easier and safer: view/print this map in a new window.


  • It may not be as far as you think.

Carpool from four parking lots

  • Park at one of the following parking lots to create a carpool or catch a bus:
    • First Baptist Church, 175 Allens Creek Road, near bus route 7.
      Enter driveway off Allens Creek Road. Immediately turn right and use parking spots facing Allens Creek.
    • Atonement Lutheran Church, 1900 Westfall Road, on route 7.
      Enter driveway on right side of Church and park in back corner (east).
    • Temple B’Rith Kodesh, 2131 Elmwood Avenue, on bus routes 18, 19.
      Enter driveway on left side of the Temple and go around to the back right corner (southwest).  Cones will mark the area.
    • Twelve Corners Presbyterian, 1200 S Winton Road, near bus routes 18, 19, 7.
      Enter driveway on left side of the Church (north). Go to far back left corner of parking lot (northeast) and park in spots in front of the trees that line the school’s sports fields – will be marked.

Ride the bus

Several routes cross through Brighton:


  • Make one day (or more) a work-from-home day if your job involves phoning and computers, or projects you can pack up. One day at  home each week could save you about $175 a year.

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