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Posted by: Anonymous |  09/08/08 |  Category: Stories from residents

Electric Mulching Lawn Mower

Who would think that running your lawn mower for an hour would produce the same amount of air pollution as driving your car for 100 miles. With that in mind I began my search for a cordless lawn mower.


Posted by: Anonymous |  06/22/08 |  Category: Stories from residents

Just said NO to driving!

A couple of years ago I decided to significantly cut my driving by moving close to work and walking every day. I have planned nearly all of my activities around non-driving, e.g. nearby doctor, dentist, stores, etc — almost all within a mile or two of my home.


Posted by: Anonymous |  05/16/08 |  Category: Stories from residents

Great results after energy audit improvements

After comparing the energy audit results and recommendations of three different contractors in 2006, I chose one of the companies to complete the majority of work that needed to be done to make my home more energy efficient. (Other contractors completed smaller jobs.)


Posted by: Anonymous |  01/07/08 |  Category: Stories from residents

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Posted by: admin |  12/22/07 |  Category: Stories from businesses and organizations

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