Year-end statement of initiatives, 2010

Brighton Farmers’ Market and recyclables

We maintained a table at the summer market at Brighton High School, Sundays 9-1, May through November, collecting signatures for Curb Your Car Week, and providing information on rain barrels, electronics recycling, and green practices. We collected the following recyclables that are not collected curbside in Monroe County:

  • 308 compact fluorescent light bulbs
  • 140 pounds of plastic caps
  • 32 pounds of CDs
  • 909 pounds of batteries
  • 2770 pounds of #3-#7 and unnumbered plastic

We also collected crayons and corks but didn’t need to recycle them, because they are being used by art teachers and students.

Earth Hour 

On Saturday, March 27, we teamed up with the Town of Brighton to participate in International Earth Hour, which encourages people to turn off lights and unnecessary appliances for one hour in honor of energy conservation and the earth.

10% Challenge

We continued the 10% challenge, which encourages businesses and residents in Brighton and elsewhere to reduce their carbon footprint by 10%. Participants accomplish their savings through actions such as changing light bulbs to compact fluorescents and LED’s, using Energy Star appliances, recycling, eating local food, and purchasing wind power. 

Curb Your Car Week

We held two Curb Your Car Week events, in May and October, 2010. Participants pledged to leave their cars home for at least one trip during the week, by biking, walking, telecommuting, combining trips, taking public transportation, or staying home. Twelve Corners Middle School Green Club helped to promote this event at their school. Out of over 300 participants, 140 reported a total savings of 13,259 miles, 504 gallons of gas and 9,576 pounds of CO2! Twelve prizes were awarded, including “green” books, a solar panel home analysis, and a home energy audit.

Green Energy Fair

Brighton’s third annual Green Energy Fair took place on Sunday, June 13, 2010, at the Brighton Farmers’ Market. Over 25 vendors and non-profits participated. Over 350 visitors learned about recycling, solar and geo-thermal power, energy-efficient lighting and building supplies, sustainable food, and more. The day included a silent auction and children’s activities.


A Green Services and Products directory was added to the website. Companies and organizations from the greater Rochester area that follow green practices or/and offer eco-friendly products and services are invited to submit their information

To support our green education efforts and events, tax-deductible PayPal or credit card donations can now be accepted from the website.


Information about green practices was presented to many audiences, including Life-Span adult day-care, Our Fragile Earth Day at Seneca Park Zoo, and Locafest at Genesee Valley Park. Interested? Learn about our Guest Speaker Programs.

International 350 Day: 10-10-10

On October 10, we teamed up with the Sierra Club at the Brighton Farmers’ Market to educate the public about global climate change. 350 is the maximum number of parts per million (ppm) of CO2 in our atmosphere that scientists say is allowable for a safe climate.

Green Business Award partnered with the Brighton Chamber of Commerce to award our third annual Green Business Award for sustainable practices.

Green House of the Month

A few times a year, we present a Green House of the Month Award, for energy saving practices such as organic gardening, passive solar, solar panels, use of energy star appliances, line-drying clothing, driving a hybrid vehicle, and others.

Incorporation is able to accept donations and apply for grants requiring 501(c)3 status through the umbrella organization, CEI.

Tip of the Month

We continue to send a Tip of the Month to our e-news subscribers, to save money, energy, and the planet. Look for more of these in 2011. We also send out information on upcoming green events in our community. Subscribe to our list if interested.

Modified: 01/03/2011