129 Klink Road

The Bailey/Peet Residence has earned the Green Home Award for January 2010 due to the homeowners’ strong commitment to reduce the impact of their home on the environment by focusing on issues of energy usage, landscaping and garden maintenance, transportation, and the need to reduce/reuse/recycle.

Energy Conservation

  • Energy Star appliances
  • 52 light bulbs replaced with CFLs.
  • PV power generation—In February 2009, 5KW of solar photovoltaic panels were installed on the south facing (approx. 35 degree slope) roof. During March 2009, these panels produced about 95% of the electric consumption that came through our RG&E meter.
  • Most loads of clothes hung out to dry on clothesline from April to October.
  • In summer the house is closed up (windows and doors and shades drawn) about 9 am to keep cool air in and warm air out. Minimal use of air conditioning.
  • In winter, large windows and sliding glass door provide passive solar heat to enter the house on sunny days. On cloudy days and at night honeycomb shades serve to insulate these windows from heat loss.
  • Programmable thermostats in winter used to set temperature at 67 during day and 55 at night in majority of house and 69 during day and 66 at night in in-law apartment.

Lawn and Garden Practices

  • Active composting (double bin) of vegetable food scraps as well as yard waste (weeds, leaves, etc.). Composted material used in vegetable garden.
  • Large organic vegetable garden (50’x50′)
  • Lawn Care—No pesticides or herbicides used. Blade on lawnmower raised high to reduce weed growth. Mulching lawnmower leaves grass on the lawn.
  • Stormwater Collection Barrels—Four rain barrels collect water for use with lawns, flower gardens, and vegetable garden.
  • Gravel Driveway—Reduces impervious surfaces and allows stormwater runoff to seep into the soil.


  • Blue box recycling for 1 & 2 plastics, tin cans, newspapers, magazines, paperboard, junk mail, and glass. Save #5 plastics for “Gimme 5” Program.
  • Sturdy plastic bags washed and reused for food storage. Empty cereal box liners reused instead of using new waxed paper. Purchase recycled toilet paper.
  • Use cloth napkins and cloth kitchen towels on a daily basis.
  • Print on both sides of paper from ink jet paper and reuse paper that comes into the house that has print on only one side.


  • Two vehicles are a 2008 Prius (a replacement of our 1991 Prius) and a 2004 Toyota Rav4 (30 mpg).
  • Two bicycles for closer trips.
  • Car pooling and combining trips.
  • The neighborhood formed a refuse district with one company picking up garbage and recyclables for the entire street (down from 3 or 4 separate truck trips).