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Curb Your Carbon Month, October, 2015

ColorBrightonGreen.org is sponsoring Curb Your Carbon Month in October, 2015.  This is an expansion of our past Curb Your Car Week.  We would like you to commit to further curbing your Carbon throughout the month of October, 2015.  You can choose your actions from the list below, or add your own.  The Green Tips section of this website includes many ideas that expand on some of those listed below.
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How will you participate? Include your plans for reducing your carbon emissions in October by clicking the “leave a comment” button under the title of this posting and we will try to add any new ideas you propose to our list. We will be sending you reminders as the month of October approaches. Meanwhile, stay tuned!


  • Drive fewer miles, especially by yourself
  • Drive responsibly.
  • Take the bus, cycle, walk, or scooter
  • Make sure your tires are fully inflated


  • Eat less red meat
  • Select organically grown food
  • Patronize farmer’s markets
  • Extend your vegetable garden season with a cold frame


  • Compost your food scraps and yard waste
  • Choose reusable products when possible
  • Recycle if you can’t reuse
  • Consider sharing items that you use infrequently with friends or neighbors


  • Opt into a renewable electricity plan
  • Unplug appliances when not in use
  • Choose LED light bulbs
  • Only run full loads in the dishwasher and washing machine


  • Preserve or add native plants
  • Divert roof runoff to low-lying areas or rain barrels
  • Avoid synthetic nitrogen fertilizers


  • Replace your furnace filter
  • Turn down the thermostat in the heating season
  • Program the thermostat for when people are home and awake
  • Identify and seal leaks.
  • Reduce your bottled water footprint…use reusable bottles

2 comments to Curb Your Carbon Month, October, 2015

  • Growing your own organic produce at home reduces carbon in multiple ways– plants sequester carbon, and having produce in your own yard eliminates the need for food to travel, so no greenhouse gases from transportation!

  • Melissa Carlson

    We do most of those things year round because it is our moral integrity, and not just because of carbon. They are all joyous conscientious objector responses to institutions that work to destroy the systems that sustain the Earth. (Kathleen Dean Moore:editor of Moral Ground. Ethical Actions for a Planet in Peril.)

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