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Curb Your Car Week Spring 2015—Take the Survey!

The Spring 2015 event concluded on Saturday May 16, 2015. Participants, please answer our survey to help us tally results to determine the impact on carbon emissions.

Answer our survey:


We would love to hear about your week or any feedback you may have. Leave a comment below. (Comments are moderated and will be posted after review. Your email address and name are not required.)

1 comment to Curb Your Car Week Spring 2015—Take the Survey!

  • Anonymous

    This was a great idea and should be repeated! One unfortunate episode occurred early one morning when my friend and I were biking for exercise instead of driving to the YMCA to work out. A Brighton street sweeper driver was not only rude but drove dangerously close behind us peeping his horn the entire time from Clover/Blossom Road stop light west to Fairhaven Rd. It was a frightening experience. I reported the date and time to the BrightonSupervisor’s office.

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