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Carbon-Friendly Food Gardening Workshop

On Monday, April 13, 2020, Patty Love will be speaking about Carbon-friendly food gardening at the Brighton Memorial Library starting at 6:30 PM. Have you been working on reducing your carbon footprint? Have you thought about where your food comes from? Do you know that one of the most carbon-friendly activities is growing your own […]

Extend Your Vegetable Garden Growing Season With A Cold Frame

Growing your own organic produce at home reduces carbon in multiple ways–plants sequester carbon, and having produce in your own yard eliminates the need for food to travel, so no greenhouse gases from transportation! To extend the growing season into the colder months, you can build a cold frame, which is basically a DIY mini […]

Curb Your Carbon Month, October, 2015

ColorBrightonGreen.org is sponsoring Curb Your Carbon Month in October, 2015. This is an expansion of our past Curb Your Car Week. We would like you to commit to further curbing your Carbon throughout the month of October, 2015. You can choose your actions from the list below, or add your own. The Green Tips section […]

All Energy-Saving Lightbulbs are Not Equal: Check your Lumens and Watts!

Imagine if you went to the grocery store and asked for a ‘dozen’ eggs and you were given 11. A little further down the aisle you reached for a ‘dozen’ dinner rolls and you came away with 13. Don’t forget the ‘dozen’ rolls of toilet paper you bought; it has a full 10 rolls in […]