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Due to the health restrictions at the market this season, the EcoFair is not happening this year. If your non-profit or student group would like to do a webinar hosted by Color Brighton Green, let us know.

How Green Schools Advance Education

To learn more about how Green Schools advance education, view this article from the Center For Green Schools.

829 South Winton

The Frank family of four has lived in their house at 829 South Winton Road in Brighton since 2008. Because they model green living through their everyday lifestyle and the changes they have made to their home, they received a Green House Award from


92 Sleepy Hollow Lane

The Zamarskis, at 92 Sleepy Hollow Lane, are an active, conscience family of five, who have set an example of community involvement and lifestyle choices to merit being our featured Green House to start the year 2012.


18 Maxson St, Rochester

The’s Green House Award, 18 Maxson Street in the City of Rochester’s Northeast side, caught our interest with due to a surprising transformation that the owner carefully researched and completed in 2007 with documented huge energy-saving results!


2455 Plank Rd, Livonia

The Linborg Residence located in Livonia, New York, has earned the Green House Award for October 2010 due to the homeowners’ strong commitment to strategies of alternative energy generation.


129 Klink Road

The Bailey/Peet Residence has earned the Green Home Award for January 2010 due to the homeowners’ strong commitment to reduce the impact of their home on the environment by focusing on issues of energy usage, landscaping and garden maintenance, transportation, and the need to reduce/reuse/recycle.


179 Maybrooke

The first Green House Award from is given to Ruth Morton’s Cape Cod style home at 179 Maybrooke Road. This 1940’s home on a 1/3 acre lot is surrounded by bountiful, organic flower and vegetable gardens, including raspberries, rhubarb, asparagus, blueberries, hundreds of daylilies and other perennial plants. Ruth lovingly maintains the gardens and […]