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Brookside School Redevelopment Project Community Input Meeting: Your Input Is Needed to Make this a Green Project

The Brighton Central School District is proposing to redevelop the Brookside School Complex as a K-2 school. The redevelopment is contemplating a two-story section of the building that would house classrooms for either first or second grade on the second floor. Due to community input about the need to make this redevelopment a green building, […]

How Green Schools Advance Education

To learn more about how Green Schools advance education, view this article from the Center For Green Schools.

Opportunity to Support a Green Brookside School Development Project

ColorBrightonGreen supports a Green Redevelopment Project at the Brighton Central School District’s Brookside School. The letter that ColorBrightonGreen is sending is included below. If you live in the Brighton Central School District and think it is important that the building be redeveloped using methods that reduce energy usage and long term operational costs, you may […]

All Energy-Saving Lightbulbs are Not Equal: Check your Lumens and Watts!

Imagine if you went to the grocery store and asked for a ‘dozen’ eggs and you were given 11. A little further down the aisle you reached for a ‘dozen’ dinner rolls and you came away with 13. Don’t forget the ‘dozen’ rolls of toilet paper you bought; it has a full 10 rolls in […]

Green Building Information/Resources

Free or reduced cost residential energy audit Most Monroe County households are eligible for a free or reduced cost residential energy audit. Learn more from this story on RenewPenfield.org. Greener Buildings Articles, news, events and resources for environmentally responsible building development.

Green Building Materials/Specifications

BuildingGreen.com Subscription-based articles and product information about green design, construction, and standards. Compact fluorescent light bulb FAQs Explains best ways of using compact fluorescent bulbs. Compact fluorescent light: “Any Other Bright Ideas?” An article published by the New York Times reviewing and testing compact fluorescent lights for the home. Compact lluorescent light bulbs and […]