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About Empty Pharmaceutical Bottles

We want to provide you with information about why you cannot put them in your curbside recycle bin and what happens to them when you take them to the Monroe County Ecopark. Here is the story: Let’s begin with why pill bottles are not acceptable in curbside recycling in Monroe County: With current collection methods […]

Alkaline Batteries

Our research has found that from an energy efficiency standpoint recycling of alkaline batteries is not at all efficient even if we could find a free or low-cost method to recycle them. Alkaline batteries are not toxic and can be thrown in the garbage.

Rechargeable batteries are more environmentally friendly. A battery charger […]

Recycle Plastic Bags at the Store Please!

Plastic bags that get put in curbside recycle bins do not get recycled. Instead they clog the equipment used to sort and process other recyclable products and then those mangled plastic bags get landfilled. Local recyclers ask that you not even put other recyclables in a plastic bag for your curbside pickup. So, please help […]

Consider Joining or Starting a Buy Nothing Group

If you are interested in sustainability and in strengthening community you are invited to become a local part of a rapidly growing national and international movement. The Buy Nothing project seeks to create neighborhood gift economies, supporting the environment and strengthening person–to–person connections in the process. Buy Nothing participants use Facebook to share items, services, […]

ColorBrightonGreen.org is Happy to Consider Impact Earth a Partner!

Many of ColorBrightonGreen.org’s followers are interested in reducing, reusing, and recycling. Impact Earth is too. They have been working with some of our volunteers to achieve zero waste in the Brighton Central School District. This is now going to a whole new level and we are pleased to call them a partner in our common […]


The original, do-it-yourself green activity. Recycle your yard and kitchen wastes and create great organic material for your garden and lawn. You’ll keep 500-600 pounds of waste from going to the landfill each year! Organic matter does not decay in a landfill, where it produces methane, which is 20 times more warming than CO2. Just […]

Using the Community Wishbook to Find a New Home for a Still Useful Item

Rochester has a great number of charitable organizations, made up of people whose purpose every day is to help others. The primary purpose of the Wishbook is to give ALL of the charities — large and small — in the Rochester area an opportunity to get their message to the public. The listings help link […]

Recycling Craft Supplies

Craft Bits and Pieces located in Fairport Village Landing, accepts all kinds of craft materials imaginable! You can drop off your donations at their Donation Station at 104 Village Landing on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 11 AM to 5 PM. Here is a list of items that they take:

All kinds of craft supplies […]

Recycle Your Vehicle

Recycle your vehicle through a local nonprofit organization. Here are some local nonprofit organizations accepting vehicle donations:

National Kidney Foundation—Kidney Cars Wheels for Wishes—Benefiting Make-A-Wish Western New York WXXI—Vehicle Donation Program

Recycle at the Market

ColorBrightonGreen.org has a table at the monthly Brighton Farmers’ Market where we accept several items that you may find difficult to recycle.

Accepted recycling items and Market dates. That list is often updated. Make sure to always review it before coming!