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Consider These Facts Before Buying or Using A Leaf Blower

Leaf blower use on lawns, gardens, driveways is a source of pollution and noise that can significantly impact our environment and health. In addition, the use of hot, dry winds directed at plants desiccates roots and leaves, while drying and stripping away top soil. Noise pollution may be the first problem for those anywhere near […]

Why Native Plants?

This Genesee Land Trust (GLT) lecture, sponsored by the Penfield Library, will include a PowerPoint presentation and will feature Margaret Potter of the GLT along with Lois Danneberg and Rachel Edwards of Broccolo Tree & Lawn Care and Broccolo Garden Center, Penfield. Learn why the planting of native plants makes your life easier as a […]

Extend Your Vegetable Garden Growing Season With A Cold Frame

Growing your own organic produce at home reduces carbon in multiple ways–plants sequester carbon, and having produce in your own yard eliminates the need for food to travel, so no greenhouse gases from transportation! To extend the growing season into the colder months, you can build a cold frame, which is basically a DIY mini […]

Save The Planet. Go Veg!

Did you know that raising animals for food accounts for 18% of all greenhouse gases? That is more than all trucks and cars combined! (UN Climate Report, 2006) Being a vegetarian is the most effective way to reduce greenhouse gases and global warming. Even cutting your meat consumption by half can make an enormous impact. […]

Good Drinking Water Choices

Two local faith-based organizations have collaborated to develop a pamphlet about water as a great beverage of choice. This pamphlet outlines the pros and cons of tap water versus single use plastic water bottles. Check out this pdf file that contains the pamphlet. Water Brochure

PlantPure Nation Comes to Rochester

A plant-based diet has a lower carbon footprint than other diets. On September 27, the film “PlantPure Nation” is premiering in Rochester. We expect this film to bring about a quantum leap in the acceptance of a plant-based diet and its adoption by the mainstream, including health care providers and all sectors of our Rochester […]

Eco-Friendly Options To Cut Your Grass

Cut your grass with a push mower instead of a gas mower

The exercise is good for you. You won’t breathe the noxious exhaust fumes. You won’t have to pay for gas. The roller effect is good for the grass. And, instead of annoying your neighbors with that loud gas motor, you’ll serenade them with […]