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Green Your Battery Choices

Review this information about alkaline and rechargeable batteries and seriously consider using and recycling rechargeable batteries.


Plastic Cap Recycling

Plastic caps made from plastic #1 to #7 (on water bottles, juice jugs, milk gallons, jars, etc.) are recyclable in Monroe County since June 1st, 2011.

If your waste hauler is supporting the Monroe County Recycling Center (MCRC) “Blue Box” recycling program, keep the caps on the bottles or jars and put them in your […]

Good Drinking Water Choices

Two local faith-based organizations have collaborated to develop a pamphlet about water as a great beverage of choice. This pamphlet outlines the pros and cons of tap water versus single use plastic water bottles. Check out this pdf file that contains the pamphlet. Water Brochure

Use Reusable Shopping Bags

Two local faith-based organizations have put together a double sided brochure titled “Shopping, Make it a Green Choice”. This pdf file can be opened with the link below. It has useful information on the benefits of using reusable shopping bags and references areas around the world that have instituted fees for plastic bags, or outlawed […]

Recycling vs. Zero-Waste… What’s the difference?

Most people who try to be conscientious of the environment and limited resources know that they should recycle. However, we know that simply recycling is not enough. In some cases, when people recycle, they have a false sense of “doing the right thing” for the environment and manufacturers of disposable items have been given a […]

All Energy-Saving Lightbulbs are Not Equal: Check your Lumens and Watts!

Imagine if you went to the grocery store and asked for a ‘dozen’ eggs and you were given 11. A little further down the aisle you reached for a ‘dozen’ dinner rolls and you came away with 13. Don’t forget the ‘dozen’ rolls of toilet paper you bought; it has a full 10 rolls in […]

Reduce Your Bottled Water Footprint

The purchase and use of bottled water poses many problems for our environment, and for your pocketbook. You can make a difference by not purchasing bottled water, or at the very least purchasing less bottled water. How to Reduce Your Water Footprint is a website of Wheels for Wishes. Take a look, change your habits, […]

Recycle Your Vehicle

Recycle your vehicle through a local nonprofit organization. Here are some local nonprofit organizations accepting vehicle donations:

National Kidney Foundation—Kidney Cars Wheels for Wishes—Benefiting Make-A-Wish Western New York WXXI—Vehicle Donation Program

Refillable Milk Containers

Did you know that plastic can only be recycled once? #1 and #2 can be recycled, but they become #3 through #7 after that, and can only be made into things like plastic logs, benches, and highway cones. Or worse, they are sent to China to be used as boiler fuel, releasing toxins into the […]

Recycle at the Market

ColorBrightonGreen.org has a table at the monthly Brighton Farmers’ Market where we accept several items that you may find difficult to recycle.

Accepted recycling items and Market dates. That list is often updated. Make sure to always review it before coming!