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Due to the health restrictions at the market this season, the EcoFair is not happening this year. If your non-profit or student group would like to do a webinar hosted by Color Brighton Green, let us know.

Ask An Expert: Electric Vehicles

Have you been thinking of buying an electric vehicle? All-electric vehicles together with plug-in hybrids all fit into this category. Want to learn more? Click the link to take a look at a pdf file of the latest Electric Vehicle Guide and/or attend our Ask An Expert event at the Brighton Farmers’ Market on Sunday, […]

Science: Best Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Recently we have been asked about the best ways to reduce our carbon emissions. Here’s one list of answers from Science. I bet you could do at least one of them, and I suspect you will be surprised by some of them. Supports 5′ Bike Lanes on East Avenue supports transportation infrastructure that will provide safe travel for non-carbon emitting vehicles such as bicycles. There is a proposed change to the lane configuration on Route 96 (East Avenue) between E. Highland Drive and Route 31F in the towns of Brighton and Pittsford. The current configuration of Rt. 96 is a 40′ wide roadway […]

Curb Your Car Week Spring 2017 Results

The Spring 2017 Curb Your Car Week event took place the week of May 14-20, 2017. During that week 74 residents from the Rochester region registered their pledge to walk, bike, carpool, or ride the bus for at least a day as an alternative to driving their car.

Survey Results

70 registered participants, 23 reporting […]

Walk, Bike, Car-Pool, Or Use Mass Transit

Every gallon of gas you save averts 22 pounds of CO2 pollution, and it adds up. For example, if your car gets 25 miles per gallon, and you reduce your annual driving from 12,000 to 10,000, you’ll prevent 1,800 pounds of CO2.

Schedule Your Errands To Be Done Together

I am trying to schedule my weekly errands so that I can accomplish them with fewer outings. I sometimes use MapQuest or another mapping site to efficiently plan my stops so that I am traveling the most efficient route. MapQuest allows me to ask for directions using the shortest distance instead of the shortest amount […]

Shopping Partner

Get back to basics and get a grocery store/errands buddy. We did this during a previous energy crisis. Coordinate with your neighbor(s)—this is real neighborhood connection—trips to grocery store, library for those short trips when you can grab a couple of things for the folks next door or return books to the library. Maybe make […]

Avoid Using The Car For Small Distances

I have been going to my workplace on bike (in good weather, not in winter). It is about 3.5 miles away, so I save that much gas and it makes me that much healthier. I also do my small errands like going to the bank, post office, etc. on bike or by walking. My daughter […]

Replace The Air In Your Tires With Nitrogen

When you replace the air in your tires with nitrogen you will save approximately 10 percent on your fuel usage. Your tires will run cooler and there will be drastically less pressure fluctuation and friction created. Your tires will run cooler and more efficiently with less drag and wear. It cost me $40.00 for the […]

How Can You Save On Gas?

In addition to riding the bus, biking, walking, carpooling, telecommuting, and combining trips, consider the following actions:

If your family has more than one vehicle, the person driving the furthest should drive the more fuel-efficient vehicle. Rid your car of unnecessary weight: every extra 100 lbs loses 1% fuel efficiency. Plan the route that prevents […]