Ideas for Greening Your Yard to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Did you ever think about landscaping your yard to minimize your carbon footprint? Maybe you’ll choose plantings that allow you to get rid of your lawnmower. Perhaps you can do without fertilizer. This article from the National Wildlife Federation gives you 6 options to modify your yard. In addition to the tips given in the article, you need to be aware of regulations provided by your local government.
What You Need To Know About Local Government (City, Town, Village) Landscaping Regulations
1. The Public Right of Way:

2. Visibility of Vehicles and Pedestrians at Driveway/Street Intersections:

3. Does That Tree in your Front Yard Belong to You or to the Local Government?

Don’t hesitate to call your local government to ask for their assistance in providing information you need to reduce your carbon footprint.

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