About ColorBrightonGreen.org

Located in Brighton, New York, USA, ColorBrightonGreen.org is a non-profit organization focused on education and action to reduce our impact on the global climate and to build community through a common purpose. The organization began as a committee of the Green Brighton Task Force to address the town’s climate impact which was established by Town of Brighton Supervisor Sandra Frankel in May 2007. After the Task Force submitted its recommendations to the Town Board in September 2008, ColorBrightonGreen.org incorporated and became independent of the town government and subsequently applied for non-profit status.

Mission and Vision

The mission of ColorBrightonGreen.org is to educate and engage individuals and organizations in actions that protect and improve our environment.
Our vision is a community where everyone has the capacity and commitment to reverse climate change.

Program goals

  • Assure that most people in Brighton know about ways they can be involved in conservation efforts
  • Assure that most people are continually taking conservation action
  • Build Community through joint action and purpose
  • We welcome additional ideas and volunteers. Please contact us.