Curb Your Car Week

The Curb Your Car Week program encourages the use of cheaper, healthier, and more earth-friendly transportation alternatives.
During one week in spring and one week in fall, asks residents from Brighton and around, who normally use an automobile for daily transportation, to consider walking, biking, car pooling, or riding the bus as alternatives.

Fall 2018 Edition

  • The Fall 2018 Edition starts on Sunday, October 7 and runs through Saturday, October 13, 2018 and coincides with National Walk to School Week.
  • Register your pledge to participate now.  We will remind you when the week is about to start and how to share your experiences.

Ride a bike

  • Save 2-4 gallons of gas on your 10-20 mile daily commute; that’s enough to treat yourself to a great lunch!
  • Get in shape for free and put that gym time to better use.
  • Some routes are easier and safer: View/print this Genesee Transportation Council bike map in a new window.
  • This year, during Curb Your Car Week, you might want to try out Brighton’s first Bicycle Boulevard that opened in 2016.  A bicycle boulevard is a low-speed street, where motorists expect to see bicyclists and is intended to improve bicyclist comfort and/or safety. To learn more about the route, visit the Town of Brighton website.


  • It may not be as far as you think.  Going to Buckland Park?  Walk or bike on the new trail.


  • Share a car with a neighbor, colleague, or friend.

Ride the bus

Several Regional Transit Service Bus routes cross through Brighton and all other parts of Monroe County:


  • Make one day (or more) a work-from-home day if your job involves phoning and computers, or projects you can pack up. One day at home each week could save you about $175 a year.