Are You Ready for ALL-ELECTRIC Home Heating & Cooling?

Brighton Memorial Library and ColorBrightonGreen present:

Is your home’s old fossil fuel burning gas furnace or gas hot water heater ready for replacement? Is your old inefficient central A/C unit running up high electricity bills each month? Want some better alternatives? If so, register for this session to learn more about the many great options now available for going ALL-ELECTRIC with your home’s heating, cooling and hot water production needs by installing high efficiency air-source or ground-source (geothermal) electric heat pump solutions available now. This session will include a case study of Mr. Hibner’s own recent experiences having both air-source and ground-source (geothermal)heat pump systems installed in his 1950’s Penfield home. He will discuss the many incentives and rebates that are available right now when purchasing HVAC heat pump systems. You’ll also find out how to obtain a no-cost energy assessment of your home’s heating and cooling needs. The future of cleaner, greener and more cost-effective home heating and cooling systems is here now, and it’s ALL-ELECTRIC!


Slides: Are You Ready for ALL-ELECTRIC Home Heating & Cooling