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Mushrooms Past, Present and Future – a presentation

Take a look into the world of mushrooms from the perspective of two high school science teachers. Together we will investigate the foundations of mycology in America as well as provide a basic introduction into mushroom life cycles and current applications.

Slides: Mushrooms Past, Present and Future

Urban and Community Forestry in the Town of Brighton

Join Color Brighton Green for this session about the motivation behind Brighton’s UCF program, and the Town Conservation Board’s role related to native tree-planting in neighborhoods, Arbor Day tree planting at Buckland Park, the Town Tree Survey, and tree-trimming and invasive species control in Town parks. Presented by Dr. George Smith from the Town of Brighton Urban and Community Forestry. Register for the Zoom link or attend in person

Slides: Urban and Community Forestry in the Town of Brighton

No Mow May 2022

Please consider a friendly pledge to not mow your lawn during the month of May. A weed-free expanse of green has been the norm in the American neighborhood for far too long. Dandelions, clover, and wild onions are not signs of neglect! They are beacons for pollinators and enhance soil quality by breaking up clay and fixing carbon and nitrogen into the soil. Americans mow roughly 40 million acres essentially for aesthetics consuming resources, chemicals, and pesticides. A low-maintenance lawn with a bit of native landscaping can be beautiful and easy to create. If you have any questions or need advice please feel free to reach out to us.

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Monroe County Christmas Tree Recycling Programs 2021-2022

Christmas Tree Recycling 2021-2022

Monroe County Christmas Tree Recycling Programs 2019-2020

Christmas Tree Recycling

Are You Ready for ALL-ELECTRIC Home Heating & Cooling?

Brighton Memorial Library and ColorBrightonGreen present:

Is your home’s old fossil fuel burning gas furnace or gas hot water heater ready for replacement? Is your old inefficient central A/C unit running up high electricity bills each month? Want some better alternatives? If so, register for this session to learn more about the many great options now available for going ALL-ELECTRIC with your home’s heating, cooling and hot water production needs by installing high efficiency air-source or ground-source (geothermal) electric heat pump solutions available now. This session will include a case study of Mr. Hibner’s own recent experiences having both air-source and ground-source (geothermal)heat pump systems installed in his 1950’s Penfield home. He will discuss the many incentives and rebates that are available right now when purchasing HVAC heat pump systems. You’ll also find out how to obtain a no-cost energy assessment of your home’s heating and cooling needs. The future of cleaner, greener and more cost-effective home heating and cooling systems is here now, and it’s ALL-ELECTRIC!


Slides: Are You Ready for ALL-ELECTRIC Home Heating & Cooling


Planting Native for a Healthier Lawn and a Happier Family

Brighton Memorial Library and ColorBrightonGreen present:

Pollinator Presentation: Planting Native for a Healthier Lawn and a Happier Family
Wednesday, April 21, 7-8pm online.

Join Tom Snyder, Director of Programming and Conservation Action of the Seneca Park Zoo as he explains the benefits of planting native on your property and around your town. Learn how native species are more robust, improve human health, and make for healthier lawns. Explore how the Seneca Park Zoo is tackling habitat restoration across the region and the world with native plantings.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!

Renewable Electricity with CCA What’s Next

With 100% renewable electricity now is our opportunity to expand our lifestyle to include low carbon transportation and high-efficient home heating and cooling. The technology is available, achievable, and affordable. Curious about electric vehicles? Is the ancient basement furnace reaching end of life? Considering Geothermal or an air-sourced heat-pump? It is time to think about environmentally friendly options. ColorBrightonGreen.org would like to help people make smart well-informed decisions. As part of community educational outreach series, we invited guests to talk about what options for clean vehicles, air source heat pumps and, geothermal.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!

Buckland Park New Trail Tree Planting

tree nurseryColorBrightonGreen has donated trees as part of the Buckland Park upgrade. Several community members including George Smith planted trees along the new trail.

The new trail is open! The Parks Dept has completed chipping and rolling, and the orange cones and “town personnel only” signs have been removed. We saw and spoke to a few walkers and bikers who were quite happy about the new addition to the trail system in the park.

Thank you all for all of your help with tree planting and invasive species removal in this section of the park over the past 2-3 years! All of you have helped in one or more ways, and it’s really, really great to be able to share in the credit for making a lasting improvement to our community.
Please enjoy the Town of Brighton and Buckland Park’s newest trail!

George Smith

Webinar: RENEW Climate Fund

PDF: RENEW Climate Fund Sept 2020

Offset your carbon and Make Local Homes of Low-Income Homeowners Energy Efficient, Healthier and Safer

By working collaboratively, Rochester Energy Efficiency & Weatherization (RENEW) and community partners have invested over $3.7M into the homes of hundreds of homeowners in our area. This work is making homes an average of 20% more energy efficient. Come learn how you can offset your emissions from travel, heating, etc. while making an impact locally with the Rochester Area Community Foundation’s RENEW Climate Fund. https://www.racf.org/