Crayon recycling

The Crayon Recycling Program takes old, rejected, broken crayons and recycles them into fresh, new crayons, which are then available for purchase. Leave the wrappers on the crayons for easier sorting.
When you are ready to ship your used crayons, these tips can help to keep your costs down.

  • One large box is less costly than several small boxes.
  • Use sturdy boxes that closely fit the amount of contents (to avoid crushing or breaking box).
  • Small packages (less than 5 pounds) will cost less shipping via USPS.
  • Use UPS basic ground service for packages over 5 pounds and let them know that you are shipping to a business (lower rates). UPS: 1-800-742-5877
  • Learn more on the Crazy Crayons web site.

Mail crayons to:
Crayon Recycling Program
LAF Lines Ltd.
721 Village Road
Pelican Lake, WI 54463