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Due to the health restrictions at the market this season, the EcoFair is not happening this year. If your non-profit or student group would like to do a webinar hosted by Color Brighton Green, let us know.

Curb Your Car Week Spring 2016 Results

The Spring 2016 Curb Your Car Week event took place the week of May 15-21, 2016. During that week, 39 residents from Brighton and Rochester registered their pledge to walk, bike, carpool or ride the bus for at least a day as an alternative to drive their car.
Survey Results
(39 registered participants, 25 reporting their results so far)

  • Total miles saved:  1,654
  • Gallons Saved:  55 (based on individual mpg)
  • Pounds of CO2 saved: 1,039

Miles Saved Per Activity:

  • Biking:  588 miles
  • Carpooling:  415 miles
  • Not going somewhere you normally go:  230 miles
  • Combining trips:  190 miles
  • Walking:  110 miles
  • Bus:  87 miles
  • Telecommute:  34 miles

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