Refillable Milk Containers

Did you know that plastic can only be recycled once? #1 and #2 can be recycled, but they become #3 through #7 after that, and can only be made into things like plastic logs, benches, and highway cones. Or worse, they are sent to China to be used as boiler fuel, releasing toxins into the air as they are burned.
So, rather than buy plastic disposable milk containers, I actually found a place to buy refillable glass milk bottles. For a 50cent deposit, you can buy Byrne Dairy Milk (bottled in Syracuse) in refillable glass containers at the Abundance Co-op on Marshall Street (off Monroe by Strong Museum). When you are done, you can return the bottle to the co-op, and retrieve the deposit.
In case it’s more convenient for you, the Pittsford Dairy also has milk that can be purchased in refillable glass bottles. The deposit is $1.00/bottle and the milk is excellent!