Using the Community Wishbook to Find a New Home for a Still Useful Item

Rochester has a great number of charitable organizations, made up of people whose purpose every day is to help others.
The primary purpose of the Wishbook is to give ALL of the charities — large and small — in the Rochester area an opportunity to get their message to the public. The listings help link potential donors and volunteers with an agency that has a specific need for their still-useful items or their volunteer skills.
Downsizing? Moving? Cleaning out your attic or basement? You may have many items that could be used by the less fortunate in our community. Replacing an item with a newer purchase? Instead of storing the old one in your attic, consider donating it to someone who can use it now! You may have clothing in your closet that is still good, but no longer fits your needs. It could give someone an outfit to wear for a job interview, or help keep someone warm this winter.
Of course, it would be easier to put items in the trash, where they end up in a landfill. It takes a little more effort to call an agency to make arrangements for pickup or delivery of donated items; however, it can be very rewarding to know that your item will be put to good use by someone who really needs it. It’s an environmentally sound, feel-good, practical decision.
Each year, generous donors use the Wishbook to donate items directly to local organizations that have a need for them. Volunteers use the Wishbook to find agencies who are looking for their specific volunteer skills.
You can help the agencies all year long. Listings on the Community Wishbook website are updated regularly throughout the year as the needs of the agencies change, so please check back often. If you need a paper copy of the wishbook, they are available at the table at the Brighton Farmers Market.