Water Information and Action

Summer Is Coming!

What is your contribution to the water quality issues we experience at Lake Ontario beaches every year? Is water quality in Lake Ontario deteriorating because of our own daily activities?
Color Brighton Green has invited three water quality experts to address the issues and questions we have about everything from the chemistry of our surface water such as streams and rivers, to drinking water quality, to the lakes we play in during the warmer months that are just around the corner.
Join us, along with:

  • Charles Knauf—from the Monroe County Department of Public Health on what data tells us about the quality of our local water ways and why we have “no swim” days at Lake Ontario beaches.
  • Jim Nugent—Monroe County Water Authority on what the data tells us about the Lake Ontario drinking water supply and why we have some of the highest quality drinking water in the world.
  • Paul Sawyko—Water Education Collaborative about what is happening to organize local governments and citizens to become H2O Heroes to further improve surface water quality. He will also report on projects in Brighton to restore its own Buckland Creek as we get up to date and specify actions you, your family, and your business can take as part of the Brighton community to lessen your impact on water quality here and in the area’s streams, rivers, lakes and beaches.

When and where

  • Tuesday, March 27, 2012 at 6:30pm
  • Brighton Memorial Library, 2300 Elmwood Avenue
  • Free event.