Get There Greener in Brighton

11 posts Supports 5′ Bike Lanes on East Avenue supports transportation infrastructure that will provide safe travel for non-carbon emitting vehicles such as bicycles. There is a proposed change to the lane configuration on Route 96 (East Avenue) between E. Highland Drive and Route 31F in the towns of Brighton and Pittsford. The current configuration of Rt. 96  is a […]

Cycling musicians

Greatest sight here:  a cyclist with a big white cello case strapped to his shoulder.  We’ve also seen trombones and violins carried by people on wheels.  One of these days the cellist will slow down or stop at a light and I’ll be able to snap a picture to post […]

Pedestrian, watch out!

Observation of the day:  there are more pedestrians and cyclists here in Germany, but cars have a more universal right-of-way.  One can never assume that a car will stop to let a pedestrian cross.  Maybe I’ve spent too much time on college campuses in the U.S., but I’m used to […]